Credit Union Cultivator™ Debuts as an Affordable Actionable Data Analytics and Growth Engine

Credit Union Cultivator™, a powerful platform that analyzes existing credit union member information with a wide range of outside data, announced its launch today. With the completion of a successful pilot program with multiple credit unions, the platform is now open to all credit unions seeking state-of-the-art growth tools. Featuring data analysis with built-in marketing outreach mechanisms, Cultivator combines MCIF-like services and advanced data analytic capabilities into a dynamic dashboard that delivers actionable targets for growth in existing households and well beyond.

One satisfied user (a credit union marketing Vice President) said this in describing the transformative ability for Cultivator to drive income-generating growth results:

“With actionable, current data right at our fingertips, in an easy to use, fresh innovative format, we’re able to understand our members’ upcoming needs, so that we can help them meet their financial goals. Even better, Credit Union Cultivator is helping us book even more loans and open more accounts! With its easy to use graphical interface, Credit Union Cultivator has helped us expedite our marketing process and in a matter of days we were up and running. It fits right into our existing systems.”

With Cultivator’s pre-defined queries, it is possible to launch a great variety of campaigns to serve the needs of the credit union and its members. Cultivator is core-processor-agnostic, and interfaces directly with popular email providers (such as Constant Contact, SendGrid and MailChimp). Cultivator requires a minimal installation footprint, and typically can be installed in a matter of a few days. While allowing the exploration of a credit union’s existing data, and the discovery of previously unknown insights to member behavior, Cultivator also preserves members’ privacy and does not host member data. Finally, unlike other competing services, Cultivator is scaled and priced to be affordable for credit unions of virtually any size. Confident in its ability to produce results, the solution does not require long term agreements with its client credit unions.

Credit Union Cultivator™ benefits from advisors with over 50 years of combined credit union experience, and the technical expertise of software developers with multiple patents in their background. Company President, Mr. Rafael A. Duluc, stated: “Credit Union Cultivator has been designed from inception to allow credit unions to compete in a cost-effective manner in the world of expensive big-data solutions.”

For further information, or to schedule a no-obligation demonstration of Cultivator’s power to simply and quickly drive growth, income, and greater member engagement, visit or reach out via email at

The Credit Union Cultivator™ platform is a product of The Argenteneo Group, an experienced innovator in software and analytics solutions for the financial, automotive, and insurance sectors since 2013. For more information, visit

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